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Gate Church International in Dundee

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In 2013, Gate Church International in Dundee was awarded almost £200,000 from the Climate Challenge Fund to install energy efficiency measures in two buildings in the West End of Dundee and to promote behaviour change towards low carbon lifestyles, including increased uptake of low carbon transport.

The buildings which benefitted were Grade A listed St Marks Church on Dundee’s Perth Road and a community centre in Greenfield Place.

Lower carbon, lower energy bills

By installing a range of energy efficiency measures, the Gate Church Carbon Saving Project aimed to improve the look and feel of the church and community centre and to bring about a significant reduction in their energy usage.

They hope to save as much as £31,000 over five years.

Heat saving, cost cutting measures

Over the course of 2014, in a phased approach which allowed use of the buildings to continue, the church installed solid wall insulation, loft insulation, secondary glazing, high thermal performance external doors and draught proofing to keep in the heat.

Radiator reflector panels now stop heat from being wasted behind radiators by reflecting it back into the room. Destratification fans in the church auditorium prevent hot air from rising and accumulating at ceiling level by recirculating it down to ground level where it is needed. 

The church has also replaced existing lighting with energy-efficient LED lighting and installed Flush-wiser devices and SaverTaps to save water.

Co-ordination and installation

The installation process was managed through conservation accredited architects Simpson & Brown. Lanark-based company Specialist Windows Systems Ltd designed and installed the secondary glazing for the stained glass windows. Local contractors included Piggot’s Joinery Services of Broughty Ferry, who installed the doors and Knauf wall and loft insulation and Pulse Electrical (Dundee) who put in the Airuis destratification fans.

Savings target

James Anthony, Operations Director, Gate Church International says:

“The target combined savings after all energy efficiency measures are installed is a 58% reduction in gas and electricity usage and 20% reduction in water usage. The lifetime savings differ per measure but the range is 3-40 years.

“In terms of carbon savings and behaviour change, we are also encouraging individuals to consider using low-carbon transportation options when travelling to church on Sundays, eg. car sharing, shuttle bus, walking and cycling. This helps to reduce both the impact of our community on the environment and also individual travel expenses.”

Having surveyed its congregation and Facebook followers, the church has identified its top transport priorities as organising a lift sharing scheme and providing a shuttle bus to reduce the number of cars being used.

Visit the Climate Challenge Fund website to see more green community projects funded by Scottish Government.

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